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A fast, powerful and inexpensive telnet client application. TN3270 Plus connects Windows PCs to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX systems via TCP/IP. TN3270 Plus delivers 3270, 5250, VT100, VT220 and ANSI terminal emulation and 3287 and 5250 printer emulation. Advanced features include keyboard mapping, multiple sessions, macros, scripts, DDE, WinHLLAPI, LPD, FTP SSH and SSL. All packaged in a lightweight, reliable and easy to use product.

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z/Scope TN3270 screenshot

z/Scope TN3270

SSL-enabled Terminal Emulation for Mainframes

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2015-04-28 05:33:18
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TN3270 terminal emulator

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Mocha TN3270 for Vista 2.5

TN3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe Access

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z/Scope TN5250

SSL-enabled Terminal emulation for Mainframes

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TN5250 terminal emulator for AS/400 access

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